Bro, have you seen...? Two contenders for FOTY

The curse of procrastination comes in many different forms.  Most often in my case it surfaces as a tab open right next to my twitter feed where I can avoid doing what I should be by watching fights. I try and tell myself that I'm doing 'research', but that doesn't always eliminate my guilt.

Like everything on the internet, there are so many free fights available that it's hard to figure out which ones are actually worth watching. Now this might be just a more advanced and surreptitious strain of the procrastination bug, but I thought why not allay some of my guilt by sharing the better hoe-downs from around the web.

I've decided to start with a double header and pick one local and one international fight. Both are awesome. Seriously, if you're following the FIFA World Cup I'd recommend you don't watch these fights because you might never enjoy a game of soccer again.

First up is an early contender for the Fight of the Year in New Zealand. Reigning King in the Ring Crusierweight champion TY Williams took on Australian Ben Johnston in a seven round World Title fight at King in the Ring 62II. On a night that saw Sone Vannathy retain his crown with three back to back victories, this fight stole the show. I won't say anything other than that Joe Rogan would have had an aneurysm watching the leg kicks in this one.

Next up is a fight my friend and owner of Caveman Fitness Reece Hepi drew attention to. 'Stitch 'em up' Joe Schilling took on his nemesis Canadian-Jamaican Simon Marcus aka Simon Sor Suchart at Glory 17 this month. Schilling had dropped two previous bouts to Marcus, one by KO and one by decision, so came in to the Last Man Standing tournament with a lot to prove. Glory is like the modern K1 and, personally, I'd watch a Glory card over the UFC any day of the week. Why? Well, watch this fight and you'll know.



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