Hail Caesar

The Reign of Caesar Begins: Julius Poananga with (from left) coaches Joesef Hamblin, Mark Craig and Carlo Meister. Photo: Don Rowe Twenty-eight seconds is not much time to get something done. One might brush their teeth, boil the jug or, in the case of Julius Poananga, win their professional MMA debut.

Poananga took out the co-main event of Shuriken MMA's Elimination fight night in less than thirty seconds, choking Whangarei's Ryan Anderson out cold with a crushing rear-naked choke in a featured 86kg bout.

Stalking Anderson in a crouch, Poananga checked a hard kick from the Lion's Den head coach.

The fighters closed the range and in the ensuing scramble "Caesar" took Anderson's back before sinking in the choke and putting the lion to sleep against the cage.

Carlo Meister, head coach at Core MMA, was "extremely happy" for Poananga.

"But at the same time, we didn't really get to see how he performed under pressure, or how much he has improved," he said.

The win was Poananga's first by rear-naked choke and has given him the opportunity to challenge for the Supremacy Light Heavyweight title.

"We'll be training up towards that," said Meister, "as well as looking for opportunities for him to fight overseas."

Coach Joesef Hamblin was also complementary: "He took advantage of the opportunity as soon as it presented itself, his strength is in finishing."

In a 78kg A-Class bout, Ground Control fighter Josh Agnew defeated Gracie Gym's Hayden Tamatea with one of the most vicious finishes of the year.

Agnew was in great form from the opening bell, spending the first round punishing Tamatea at range with hard straights to the body and a wicked jab that had the Gracie Gym fighter bleeding profusely from the nose.

The second round began with more of the same before Agnew backed Tamatea up against the cage and crushed him with a superb flying knee, spraying blood across both fighters.

Tamatea showed a great deal of heart and resiliance refusing to give up, forcing Agnew to pound away until the referee stepped in.

As someone currently weighing 78kg, the finish provided excellent motivation to lose a few kilograms.

In the main event of the evening, Shuriken MMA's Arthur Lasike stopped Hybrid MMA representative Eru Piwari in the second round of what was a dominant performance.

After spending the majority of the first round landing heavy ground and pound, Lasike began the second round with a huge takedown and finished the bout with vicious shots from the top, securing the technical knock out.

The win secured a perfect record for Shuriken MMA whose fighters went seven for seven on the night.

Elimination also featured two brothers fighting within fifteen minutes of each other.

The Fighting Filipinos Clarke and Frank Jarrett, both Core MMA representatives, fought on the B-Class under card.

Frank picked up a dominant decision win with his sharp boxing and impressive takedowns while Clarke dropped a competitive and spirited decision.

B-Class MMA

Jose Erazzo – Integrated DEF Jerry Chen – City MMA via UD

Frank Jarrett – Core MMA DEF Denim Pivac – Strikeforce via UD

Edward Tupou – HPMMA DEF Henri Burns – City MMA via KO RD1

Dean Sutherland – AMMA DEF Clarke Jarrett – Core MMA via UD

Mike Su – Shuriken DEF Carlos Macdermid – Hybrid MMA via UD

Dante Jackson – Undisputed DEF Mata Newton – HPMMA via KO RD2

John Brewin – AMMA DEF Corey James – Hybrid MMA via UD


David Vorster – Shuriken DEF Ryan Williams – ETK via KO RD3

A-Class MMA

Morgan Teasdale – Shuriken DEF Gary Archer – Gracie Gym via ARMBAR RD3

Taylor Wetere – Lion’s Den DEF Brad Ramsey – Omega MMA via SD

Matt McMeeking – Shuriken DEF Ben Koubaridis – Iron Wolves via UD

Andro Augustides – Shuriken DEF Taurus Gemmel – Gracie Gym via HEAD AND ARM CHOKE RD1

Josh Agnew – Ground Control DEF Hayden Tamatea – Gracie Gym via KO RD2

Logan Price – Shuriken DEF Vinnie Stowe – Hybrid MMA via UD

Cameron Tukua – AMMA DEF Phillip Sami – Oliver MMA via KO RD1

Pro-Class MMA

Julius Poananga – Core MMA DEF Ryan Anderson – Lion’s Den via REAR NAKED CHOKE RD1

Arthur Lasike – Shuriken DEF Eru Piwari – Hybrid MMA via KO RD2