Yawn. Or; why Mayweather bores the piss out of me.

Here is a piece I wrote in the aftermath of the Floyd Mayweather v Canelo Alvarez bout last month. Let me start by saying that I'm surprised Bob Sheridan didn't bum rush the ring and get on his knees for Floyd because his commentary tonight was basically verbal fellatio.

Now I'm probably going against common opinion here (a first for me) but holy shit watching Floyd Mayweather is boring. This is purely subjective opinion and I'd say most boxing purists would totally disagree with me, but here it is.

Don't get me wrong, Mayweather's skills are incredible and unlike anything that has ever existed before. It's like his head shares the same polar field as his opponents hands, they just can't touch him. He made Canelo Alvarez look like a sloppy weekend warrior and completely whitewashed him on the score cards. I honestly noticed maybe four punches land on Floyd.

That being said, you'd think someone with such a ridiculous level of skill and evasive ability would be able to transfer that in to landing a damaging punch. Sheridan harped on about Alvarez's chin from bell to bell, but as far as I could tell it wasn't exactly weathering the most significant shots. Mayweather would land a combination of 6 or 7 punches and basically be teeing off like he was working the heavy bag at times but Alvarez came out of the fight looking like he'd had a spar with a junior at his gym.

Maybe I just don't understand the "sweet science" but when I watch a fight I like to see someone make a real effort to get their opponent out of there. With such a ridiculous disparity in speed, timing and ability, I'd like to think Mayweather could put together some offense capable of even just rocking his over matched opponent.

Instead, he's comfortable cruising to the bell, showboating a little bit and going home to cash his $80 million. Perhaps I'd do the same thing in his position, but one thing I'll never do is pay to watch him do it.

Mayweather claims to be "the greatest fighter of all time" but I truly think there is a long list of what I feel are real warriors ahead of him. This isn't a knock on his ability, he's the greatest boxer (in terms of skill level and ability) of all time. He is not, however, the greatest fighter. People like Tyrone Spong, Jon Jones, Mike Tyson, Gokhan Saki, Ernesto Hoost and Fedor Emelianenko are fighters. They go (or went) in there to put their opponent away. They throw with bad intentions. They take a skill disparity and turn it in to an incredible display of violent ability.

In comparison, in my opinion of course, Mayweather is a glorified punch-evader. This he does extremely well, better than anyone, but it's not a product I'll pay to witness.

There are only so many fights one can watch in the time allotted to them, and I'd rather use my allocation to watch the greats of the late 1990's such as (here comes my kickboxing bias) Ernesto Hoost, Mirko Cro Cop, Ray Sefo, Peter Aerts et al earning a miniscule fraction of the coin to put out a product a thousand times more entertaining than any Mayweather dodge-fest.

I'm sure most people feel otherwise, but there it is. Call me when (or if) he loses.